New Horizons Press Release

New Horizons MCT John Deardurff Recognized with
Enrique Lima 2018 MCT of the Year Award

Austin TX – October 31, 2018 - The Enrique Lima Award is designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of Microsoft Certified Trainers in the MCT Community, being awarded to only those who show knowledge, passion, and commitment to the Microsoft community as a whole, and specifically to the MCT program.

This Award was established in memory of Enrique Lima; a husband, a father of two, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Regional Lead, Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), Krewe member, SharePoint Community leader, and member of the Learn on Demand Systems (LODS) team.Enrique always went above and beyond what was expected, building up both local, regional and international communities and everyday showed us all what the spirit of the MCT community was all about.

Congratulations to John Deardurff

John Deardurff, a Microsoft Certified Trainer for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, was honored this year as the 2018 recipient of this coveted award.

John, who has been an MCT for 18 years, expressed the deep meaning of this award as it was “recognition from my peers, the 2,000 MCTs around the world who vote for this.”

In describing the importance of the MCT community, John noted that, “While I joined long ago, I’ve been an active participant in the community for the past 6 years. The best thing about it is that I’ve learned so much from other members. I’m a much better trainer now since I became more deeply involved. And I’m more humbled.”

Importance of the MCT Community

“MCTs can get isolated in their classroom,” explains Deardurff. “Getting out into tech communities will improve your teaching. Once you get active in one technical environment, you get involved in more, especially on social media. The more people you meet, well, the more people you meet. Some you never thought you would meet. And you learn so much from each of them.”

Asked what he started doing as he became more involved in the MCT Community, John shared that, “When new courses are announced, you make sure to get that info out at MCT Town Halls. You volunteer at MCT Days, SQL Saturdays, and other events. Attending conferences and webinars enables you to learn a great deal from other great people in the community.”

Greatest Inspiration

“What really blows my mind,” says John Deardurff, “is that I've met people whose books I've read, and now they're friends of mine. Now they ask me questions. That's kinda weird as well.”

Don Arnett, Vice President of Training for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, adds, “John is a great example of what makes our team members so outstanding. He’s committed to providing extraordinary training, constantly learning, and doing his utmost to give back to his community. We’re all very proud to call him our colleague and our friend.”



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