New Horizons San Antonio’s David Fuller Re-Elected IAMCP Chapter President

International Association of Microsoft Channel PartnersSan Antonio, TX – December 27, 2017 - New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, the premier source for technology education services with 22 locations throughout the Southern United States, today announced that David Fuller of their San Antonio location had been re-elected as President of the San Antonio Chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP).

IAMCP is a global organization, bringing together Microsoft Partners with all competencies to help each other provide and promote full-scale, full-lifecycle solutions across the entire Microsoft “stack” of offerings.

“When Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) in 2009 they encouraged all partners to declare and define what they were each best at,” explains IAMCP US Board President Randy Steinle. “Customers benefit most from having the best-of-the-best implement Microsoft technologies for them."

Steinle goes on to explain that “This focus on competency, on specializing, only increased the need for Microsoft Partners to partner with each other to combine their capabilities to create superior solutions. IAMCP exists to facilitate those partnerships, bringing each customer superior value by combining the specialties of true experts in each of their fields.”

New Horizons Learning Centers – Already There!

“By the time MPN emphasized the need for more proactive partner-to-partner partnering,” explains Tiffany Wallace, New Horizons Vice President of Business Development, “New Horizons had already been there for decades. Training is all we do, all we’ve ever done, and we partner with many, many Microsoft Partners to deliver the best possible training to their customers.”

The Importance of IAMCP to New Horizons and Customers

David Fuller explains that, “IAMCP members are Microsoft Partners who truly understand the high value of partnering to customers in the Microsoft Partner EcoSystem. They each represent the best-of-the-best!”

Fuller, who has been attending chapter meetings and meeting new partners for several years first became chapter president in San Antonio in 2017 and ran for re-election after a highly successful first year. “IAMCP enables us to be highly impactful for customers on a two-way street basis,” explains Fuller. “We are often asked for recommendations by customers as to which Microsoft Partner they should turn to for assistance with various technologies. It is far better for us to be referring partners we know personally, who we meet with regularly at IAMCP meetings here in town, and who we know will provide superior services.”

“Extend that globally,” adds Tiffany Wallace. “With online training we can provide excellent service to customers anywhere, but sometimes they need a personal touch, or an in-classroom experience in a far-flung part of the world. We can reach out to fellow IAMCP partners around the world to enable that. Even then, they are people we know and trust to do a great job.”

Tiffany Wallace has also served as an IAMCP officer, including several years as Communications Chair on the International Board of Directors.

New STEM and WIT Initiatives

Fuller looks forward, in 2018, to developing a more robust relationship with the Microsoft STEM program, supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math educational initiatives in the San Antonio market as part of the core IAMCP agenda. “IAMCP has been bringing partners together for decades,” explains Fuller. “We are closely aligned with the Women in Technology (WIT) program as well as STEM initiatives to assure that our future members are as well prepared and well educated as possible. All of our programs are designed to encourage today’s students, male and female, to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.”

For more information on IAMCP, STEM, and WIT, contact David Fuller at

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