AF_Cool Program

AF Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) is designed to help airmen navigate through the various civilian credentialing opportunities that are available for their control/duty AFSCs.

AF COOL provides a one-stop for airmen to explore credentials recognized by the civilian community that can enhance airmen's current performance in their AF job as well help prepare for civilian employment.

The AF COOL is a Total Force enlisted program. It includes all enlisted AFSCs for active duty, AFRES, and ANG. Funding will be provided for ADAF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders. AFRES and ANG members not on Title 10 orders may receive payment from their respective components. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per airman.

We are unique in supporting military personnel accessing the AFCOOL program whereas most training providers offer a single course, we will provide you with options for multiple courses and certifications.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Air Force COOL program office at DSN 749-5115, COM 334-649-5115. You can read about options on this Government website or ask questions via email


Army Cool Program Army Cool Credentialing Assistance Program (CA) is a program for soldiers who want to pursue a civilian credential/certification related to their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Through this CA program soldiers will receive a $4500 one-time funding allowance for courses or exams leading to an industry-recognized certification.

The CA program is currently only available to a Limited User Test group in Fort Hood, TXARNG & TXUSAR.

The program is anticipated to be released Army-wide late 2019. Soldiers with questions about the CA program should contact their servicing Army education center/office.

You can find a list of centers/offices at the GoArmyEd Education Center


Navy Cool Program

We collaborate closely with Navy COOL Program and our expansive Navy customer base worldwide. This allows delivery of training classes for Sailors/Marines to provide most cost effective, comprehensive learning services solution available in the marketplace today

What is the NAVY COOL Program?

In understanding COOL, it is important to know what the COOL program is, and also what it is not.

Corps COOLEnlisted

  • Credential payment for all credentials that are directly related to the rating or to an embedded skill set
  • Credential payment for select credentials related to a military occupational specialty or to an embedded skill set Officers
  • Credential Information, including Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF)
  • Credential Payment for certain mandatory credentials

DON Civilian

  • Limited Credential Information, for Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF)
  • Credential Payment for certain mandatory credentials
  • Credential Information for select federal occupational series with more to be added on an ongoing basis
  • Limited Credential Information, for Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF)
  • Credential Information for select federal occupational series with more to be added on an ongoing basis

The Credentials Program Office administers a voucher program that will pay for eligible credentialing exams, recertification fees, and maintenance fees. The Navy's Credentials Program Office does NOT fund for training, study materials, or exam preparation materials.

About Funding


Convenient Learning Solutions

With rising transportation and infrastructure costs, many government leaders recognize the benefits of online training and learning. Online training options from us reduces costs and increases learning flexibility.

We also offer onsite, private, and traditional instructor led classroom training. These courses can also be completed in a group environment that fuels team collaboration and growth.

Measurable Results

In an era of fiscal belt-tightening, it is important to have measurable results from training investments.

With government training at our centers, you will be able to identify the learning that occurred, the areas that still need to be improved, and the value of the skills obtained with the help of:

  • Course Evaluations
  • Certification Exams
  • Post-Class Assessments
  • Surveys
State and Local Training Savings

We participate in GSA Cooperative Purchasing. Using the Federal government's buying power, state and local governments can now save money when they buy services through our competitive GSA Schedule.

We also accept GSA SmartPay, GCPC credit cards, and participate in GSA Advantage. Participation in cooperative purchasing is voluntary for state and local governments.