Training Budget Solutions

Training Budget Solutions for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
 Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco learning credits help organizations save on training with pre-paid credit bundles. Each credit is worth $100 towards training at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

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 VMware Credits

VMware Credits provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase VMware training & services. If you are planning to implement VMware products but have not yet finalized your strategy, VMware credits allow you to budget for consulting services and education upfront and use the credits as needed.

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 New Horizons Learning Credits

Our new training subsidy program starts with your committing a pre-determined amount of funding to be placed on account with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. Then New Horizons Computer Learning Centers adds additional funds to your account in the form of a subsidy, thereby maximizing your training budget. The more you invest, the more we invest in you.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Digital Courseware
  • Hosted Lab Environment
  • Reporting Services
  • 6-Months Access to Class Recordings and Labs*
  • Access to our Practice Experts
  • ASK Pre and Post Class Assessments
  • Extended Class Retakes**
  • Cisco Learning Credit Subsidy**
  • Customized Website for Registration**
  • Customized Learning Plans for Your Team
  • Guaranteed to Run Schedule
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Completion Certificates
  • 6-Month Free Class Retakes*
  • Customized Client Web Portal
  • Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher Subsidy**
  • Our Award Winning ASK Pre and Post Class Assessments**

*Not all classes offer 6-months of recording. **Minimum investment requirements must be met.

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 Club Memberships

Training Subscriptions from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers allow for unlimited training in specialized fields including:

  • Office Club - Training on the full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
  • Design Wiz - Training on web design skills including HTML & CSS, Javascript, the Adobe Creative suite, and more.
  • Total Bundle - Allows training for professionals who want to gain certifications and a competitive edge.

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 Citrix Training Pass

The Citrix Training Pass program provides the latest Citrix certifications at over 20% off the retail price. This useful option provides exam preparation and exams in one package.

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 Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)

If your company has a Software Assurance membership then you are eligible for Microsoft Software Assurance training vouchers that entitle you to receive Microsoft training for a specific number of days.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is a leading Microsoft training partner and a great choice for redeeming your SATVs.

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