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Modern Desktop – Make the Shift Toward Tomorrow

The world of work has changed, and so has how we access it. The Microsoft modern desktop means leveraging the power of Windows 10 and the reliability of Office 365 together to create solutions that help you grow your business and improve your profitability, while enabling you to remain on the cutting edge for your customers. New Horizon Computer Learning Centers recognizes that not everyone learns the same or needs the same kind of training to achieve the desired results. With Modern Desktop training from New Horizons, you choose how you want to learn, when you want to learn, and where you want to learn.

Upcoming ILT Courses

Course Starts Location Price
MD-100T00 Windows 10 12/14/2020 All Locations (CST)
MS-100T00 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services 12/07/2020 All Locations (CST)
MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator 12/07/2020 All Locations (CST)

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