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About Agile Training & Certification

Agile Project Management is the terminology used for project management using Agile methodologies. The style of project management which aides agile activities, such as daily standups, dynamic scope, collaboration among the stakeholders, continuous integration, etc. can be called Agile project management.

Agile training from New Horizons is an ideal way to level-set your organization or project team on the basic concepts of Agile and associated implementation methodologies. While a lot of people talk about using Agile, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the distinctions between them. Training can help expose the underlying Agile concepts and clarify the differences between the various implementation methods.

Although designed originally for the software industry, many industries have now adopted the use of agile in their development of products and services because of the highly collaborative and more efficient nature of the methodology. Agile is also used in industries like marketing and advertising, construction, education and finance.

The more traditional cumbersome methodologies like waterfall typically require entire project groups to meet and discuss full project goals throughout each phase. Agile, however, uses smaller more focused groups that meet more frequently to discuss very specific goals, making it easier to make rapid changes as required.

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